Summer Learning Loss affects all children, particularly those who are not engaged in any educational activities during the summer months. 

Step 1: Catch Up

  • We structure all of our lessons around the provincial standards to ensure that your child is receiving relevant and applicable tutoring. When students come to us in the summer, we will assess where they stand regarding their previous grades, work to bring the child up to speed, and have them functioning at, or above, a grade-appropriate level.

Step 2: Jump Ahead

  • If time allows, we introduce the student to topics they will be learning in the upcoming grade. This is a very effective approach for reducing anxiety and improving performance. Introducing a child to a topic in a safe, one-on-one environment before they see it again in the classroom allows the student to absorb that topic in greater depth.

Step 3: move forward

  • We can continue to support the student throughout the school year, as required. We are here to meet your needs, even as they evolve and change!