Physics is only offered as individual courses in Grade 11 and 12. Prior to that, it is incorporated into Science. Below are the units and their descriptions, from the provincial curriculum, that the student will cover in each course.

We offer tutoring in Physics 20 and Physics 30, for all units!

physics 20

  • Kinematics
    • Changes in the position and velocity of objects and systems.
  • Dynamics
    • Causes of change in the position and velocity of objects and systems in a study of dynamics and gravitaton. The concept of fields is introduced in the explanation of gravitational effects.
  • Circular Motion, Work and Energy
    • Circular motion, conservation laws, and particles in magnetic fields.
  • Oscillatory Motion and Mechanical Waves
    • Harmonic motion and mechanical waves.

physics 30

  • Momentum and Impulse
    • Newton's Second Law of Motion is linked to the concepts of momentum and impulse.
  • Forces and Fields
    • Electric and magnetic forces and fields and their applications in technological devices.
  • Electromagnetic Radiation
    • The nature and characteristics of electromagnetic radiation (EMR), studied using the wave and photon models of light. 
  • Atomic Physics
    • The development and modification of models of the structure of matter.