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Simply put, we care! Unlike other agencies, this isn't about the money for us. We care about your child's development, progress, and future. Your family is our priority. That is why we only hire the best tutors, and why so much care and effort is put into matching each tutor with each child. We are always available for feedback, comments, concerns, or praise, and we track your child's progress to ensure that they are getting the best experience possible.

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Alberta Education to Begin Overhaul of Curriculum of 6 Courses

Change is coming! Starting in September 2016, Alberta Education will be overhauling the social studies, science, math, languages, and arts curricula. Their aim is to modernize their content and make them more applicable to current societal experience and issues.

The overhaul will take 6 years and cost around $64 million dollars.

Article here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alberta-begins-six-year-overhaul-of-education-curriculum-1.3636519

Source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/alb...

Don't Let Your Child Be a Victim of Summer Learning Loss!

All children regress a little over the summer, losing skills and knowledge they learnt over the previous school year. This is particularly true when they do not engage in educational activities during the summer months. Students suffer the biggest loss in reading and math, but lose general progress as well. 

Sign up for our summer tutoring program today! We will bridge that summer gap - preventing summer learning loss, filling in gaps from the year prior, and preparing your child for the upcoming school year. We tutor year-round, in all subjects! Call us today to sign up, or get a free quote!

How Good Is Your Grammar?

Think you know it all?! Find out using these quizzes and exercises from the Government of Canada's Language Portal!

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Mammals, Birds, Reptiles...Oh My!

Learn what makes a mammal a mammal, why birds are different from reptiles, how to tell an amphibian from a fish, and more! This interactive guide from the San Diego Zoo shows you how to classify the different groups of animals, and gives you great examples of animals who fall into each category.

See which Friday Fun Facts you can pick up to tell your friends and family!

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Here is a great guide to Evolution 101, presented by Berkeley. Learn about macroevolution, microevolution, speciation, and the biological steps and mechanisms involved in these processes!

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Learn all about the building blocks of organisms, and the cellular components who make us who we are! Click here to learn about DNA, RNA, and proteins, from the University of Utah.

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The Human Body

Put your anatomy and physiology knowledge to the test with these interactive games from the BBC!

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Feathers and Flight!

Today we are going to learn about the origin of flight, and the similarities between feathered dinosaurs and modern birds! Check out this link from the Canadian Museum of Nature for an interactive look at feathers and flight.

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Biology Week!

This week, we will be featuring facts, articles, and games about science! Check back each day to learn more!! Let us know if there is a topic you'd like to learn more about!!

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