Kirsten has always had a love of teaching and a passion for passing on knowledge to others. Pearson Academics was founded by Kirsten using that same love and passion, something she shares with each of the tutors in the company. She holds two degrees from the University of Calgary and has been a private tutor since 2010.

"I began tutoring for a number of agencies as a university student in 2010. I soon came to realize that mentorship and my investment in my students' success mattered far more to me than financials, and I began to develop a vision of what a tutoring agency should be. In 2011, I struck out on my own, offering private sessions to a number of clients, and found that through developing long-lasting relationships with students' families and building an unbreakable trust, my students were able to flourish far beyond expectations. After realizing how much of a difference a tutor can make in a child's life, I decided to expand my business and bring others on board who share my passion for, and approach to, education and mentorship. Pearson Academics was founded on the values of trust, honesty, investment in the student, and academic excellence. We believe that with dedication, motivation, and encouragement, every student can Take Flight!"

Professionally, Kirsten is a wildlife biologist, specializing in birds and mammals, consulting, renewable energy, and project management. She brings her scientific expertise and experience to the table in mentoring all of our tutors.

Kirsten and her fiancĂ© have 2 cats and hope to have dogs as well, someday. She enjoys birding, yoga, the outdoors, coffee, people watching, movies, and travelling - especially to South Africa, where she was born and raised.